Women’s month feeding for abused women and children 2019

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Women’s month feeding for abused women and children 2019

With August being Women’s Month, Seva Bhakti Foundation decided to incorporate their monthly feeding as part of the celebration of Women’s Month.

Events were planned for 3 shelters. On Saturday, 24th August; SBF members visited the ABH VJ Kara Family Centre, a shelter for abused women and children. A fun and motivational afternoon was planned for the ladies and girls. MC duties were handled by Maeshni Naicker. The ladies and girls were treated to and participated in Zumba by Jayess Fitness, dance lessons by DJ Ziggy and self defence by Mike Govender. They also listened to an inspiring talk by Dr Sarashnee Govender. The ladies and girls were presented with goodie bags, and were also provided with delicious chicken breyani. Over a 160 people, were catered for.

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On Sunday, 25th August, SBF members visited Kerr House of Safety in Stamford Hill and Sahara House of Safety in Phoenix. Sumptuous mutton breyani, dhall, soji and McDonald kiddies’ meals were sponsored and provided to the ladies and children at these homes. Maeshnie Naicker and her Dance Master Daniel Logan provided entertainment for the ladies and children. Goodie bags were also presented to each lady, at the homes.

Seva Bhakti Foundation is grateful to every single sponsor and volunteer that helped with these events. A very big Thank You to all the artists, who made themselves available on short notice, for providing such great entertainment and valuable lessons. These events were definitely a huge success.

To the mums who prepared the breyani and assisted at the events, we are grateful and blessed for your contributions. The SBF team will certainly be broken without you’ll.


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