Monthly Feeding

Help assist us in purchasing, preparing and/or distributing of meals to underprivileged communities.


Throughout the various activities done in the past, it was visible that there are people who could not even afford a meal for a day. As a result; the Seva Bhakti Foundation (SBF) has decided to start a monthly feeding scheme.

Before an appeal was made to the public for support, the SBF members and volunteers decided to fund and provide meals on their own for March 31st. Apart from wanting to help the community; this was done to get a better understanding of what was required and how to best approach the scheme in the future.

Generous volunteers woke up early on Sunday, to get the meals ready. Through their hard work and determination, 2 huge pots of chicken breyani were prepared. With the help of the SBF member and additional volunteers, over 200 breyani and salad meals were packed and made ready for distribution.

For this initial feeding scheme, Malagazi was chosen as place to provide the meals. Volunteers graciously offered their time and assisted the SBF members in distributing the meals.

The distribution of the meals was quite quick as there were a lot of people who were in need of a meal. The result of the effort in preparing the meals was visible in the appreciation of the faces of the community. It may just seem like a meal to many of us, but it made a big difference in their day.

Seva Bhakti Foundation would like to send a huge Thank You of appreciation to the volunteers who selflessly contributed towards this feeding. Through your generous continued support, we will continue to grow stronger and do many wonderful activities for the community.

“Helping others, without expecting anything in return is what true self worth is all about.” – Gavin Bird

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Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Polony Sandwiches