Fathers Day 2020

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Fathers Day 2020

Fathers Day, 21st June 2020. This year for Fathers Day, the SBF team decided to do something different. Due to Covid-19 regulations, the team were not able to go out to old age homes and spoil the old aged dads like we normally would do. Instead, the team decided to select 22 dads from the Isipingo and Chatsworth areas, and spoil them with a gift and a meal for themselves and their families.

The initial plan was to make a nice chicken Roast, with potatoes and salad. This lovely idea given by a lovely young lady, Ashmitha Maharaj. Due to the number of dads and timing to have lunch ready in time, we decided to purchase a chicken meal with chips, rolls and cool drinks.


We hoped that this would actually make their day, especially during these difficult times. A few of us SBF team members, have decided to do this on a personal level, on behalf of their late dads   

Team members also went to Tafta House in Wentworth, to drop of gifts and prepacked snacks for 28 elderly dads. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the team was also not able to visit the dads, nor were they able to provide cooked meals for the dads. However, we are sure all the dads were truly grateful for both their gifts and delicious snacks. Here is an example of our amazing teams dedication, love, kindness and generosity. On this day being fathers days; some of the team members,  spent around 7 hours, handing out food and gifts to elderly fathers around Chatsworth and Isipingo area, instead of spend time with their families. Thank you to Maeshni, Aunty V, Aunty Loraine,  Rizwaana, Tina and Sheryl. God bless you amazing souls


Father’s Day is hopefully a time when the culture says, ‘This is our moment to look at who our men and boys are.” – Michael Gurian

A huge thank you to all our sponsors who had so generously, contributed towards the awesome gifts for the dads.

Thank You Loshnee Govender, for the socks for the dads.

Thank You Preston Moodley, for contributing towards the gifts for the dads.

Thank You Shireen Moodley, for contributing towards the gifts for the dads.

Thank you to these amazing souls for their contribution towards meals for the dads. Meals and cooldrinks were purchased from Gril on the Go, in Chatsworth. 

Ashita Maharaj

Sandra Govender

Lorraine Naidoo

Diane Govender

Maeshni Naicker

Mandy Govender

A huge thank you to Sharon Glennene Chetty for once again, doing the shopping for us.

God bless you all.