Children’s Party at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital Paediatric Ward 2018:

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Children’s Party at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital Paediatric Ward 2018

In early November; Seva Bhakti Foundation (SBF) appealed to the community to assist in spreading joy to children of the Prince Mshiyeni Hospital Paediatric Ward, by hosting a Kids Day. SBF had approached Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children, and 9th December was agreed upon as the date to host the Christmas party for the children.

The response from the community was astounding. SBF received donations in forms of toys, cash, kid’s toiletries as well as party packs towards the party for the kids. A Christmas tree was also donated for the Paediatric Ward. Celebrities Maeshni Naicker and KSquare generously volunteered their time, as entertainment for the children.

Leading up to the Kids Day, the SBF members and volunteers worked diligently to make sure that the event would be a success. Gifts were purchased from cash contributions, decorations and party packs were created for the children. Some of the members and volunteers also spent the night before, making tasty treats for the children.

The Kids Day was a huge success. The weather played its part and ensured that SBF could host the party outside so that it was more spacious. Maeshni Naicker and Spot-T Da Clown, ensured that the children were enjoying themselves and got them moving a bit. Face painting was also done by Spot-T Da Clown. Apart from an entertaining performance by KSquare, the children were also treated to special appearances by Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as Santa Clause. With the help of the SBF and Umduduzi members, Santa was able to ensure that each child received a Christmas present. The children were also provided with treats and balloons for the day, as well as a party pack to take with them. The children, along with those who assisted, also had photo opportunities with Mickey and Minnie mouse.

Everyone who volunteered on the day, thoroughly, enjoyed themselves as it was such a fun filled day. Seeing the smiles and joy on the faces of the children made everyone hearts melt. The only difficult part of the day was when some of the SBF members went into the wards to hand gifts to children who were unable to attend the party. It’s really sad to think that there will be children in hospitals during this festive period.

Seva Bhakti Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed, in some way towards the success of the Children’s Day at the Prince Mshiyeni Hospital Paediatric Ward. The response was overwhelming and you will be blessed for bringing joy to children, even if it was just for one day.

Please visit the Seva Bhakti Foundation Facebook page; for more information on our upcoming events, especially the school stationery and uniform drive.

A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors, for ensuring the huge success of the event.

“Children deserve to be loved and to know they are loved. They deserve to be cherished and to know they are valuable.” – Dave Ramsey; Rachel Cruze, Smart Money Smart