R.K.Khans Christmas Party 2018

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R.K Khans Christmas Party 2018

On Christmas Day, members of the Seva Bhakti Foundation (SBF) decided to spread some Christmas cheer. Gifts were provided by a few generous sponsors. The members, with the assistance of volunteers, also made party packs.

Along with a few volunteers; some members of SBF visited the children’s’ ward of R.K.Khan Hospital in Arena Park, Chatsworth on Christmas morning. It was heart-breaking to see parents and children in the hospital, on Christmas Day. In total, 17 gifts and party packs were provided to children at the hospital.

With still plenty of gifts and party packs, the SBF members decided to go to Welbedacht, Chatsworth; to provide a little joy to families and children who really needed it. It was overwhelming to see the conditions that people were living in. The gifts and party packs were much appreciated by the people of the community. Although it was heart-breaking to see how some people were living; the joyful appreciation of people at Welbedacht, made this one of the best contributions for the SBF members and volunteers.

Over the festive period, SBF also provided presents and party packs to 12 children at the KZN Children’s Hospital in Prince Street, Durban.

“Nothing else in all life is such a maker of joy and cheer as the privilege of doing good.” — James Russell Miller

Seva Bhakti Foundation would like to thank every sponsor and volunteer, who contributed over the festive period. It is only due to your generosity and support that we can make a difference, in the lives of people…even if it’s just for a moment.

We look forward to your loving support during the year. God Bless all of you!!!