Mothers Day 2019

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Mothers Day 2019

On the 11th May 2019, the SBF members visited the mums at Eagle Wings Old Age Home. This was our third mother’s day event for the Mothers month of May.

It was a very sad and emotional day for some of our members. Seeing the mums, hearing their stories, seeing how sick they really were, we couldn’t hold back our tears. All of these mums are diagnosed with either Dementia or Alzheimer’s. All that they needed was for someone to hold their hands and just to sit and listen to them. Just to show a little love. We didn’t mind that they spoke one thing over and over again. We were just so grateful to be there and show them love and give them our time. Even though they were so sick, they were so grateful and happy to have us there.

Our SBF members pampered the mums. We massaged their hands and feet, filed and painted their nails. We were even blessed to have a professional hair dresser (Pamela Pillay) with us; who gave the mums a haircut, according to their style and preference.

Thereafter, we provided meals and drinks for the mums. We even had the opportunity to feed some of the mums who could not eat by themselves. We were so grateful and felt so blessed for this opportunity. We then blessed the mums with a gift that comprised of winter warmers.

In life we are faced with many challenges, sickness being a big one amongst our elders. We must value the time spent with our elders, be it our parents, our grandparents, aunties, uncles and even our elderly friends. We must take care and honour our elders, as they cared for us throughout our childhood. It is heart breaking to see parents cry at these facilities, especially when they tell you they haven’t seen or heard from their children or extended families in years. They literally have been abandoned.

I pray that each person that reads this post, do not face the challenges that these Dementia and Alzheimer elders are facing. I wish good health and blessing to each of you. I pray that your children, friends and family do not abandon you. You will be loved and cared for, till your end.

SBF challenges each person that reads this post; to consider adopting a granny or grandpa at any old age facility, or even in your local neighbourhood. Just to spend a few minutes a month with them; to read to them, to listen to them, walk with them or have a cup of tea with them. You will be making such a huge positive impact to that grandparent’s life.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment,or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” – Leo Buscaglia